Saturday, December 25, 2010

Music Video Director-Producer Los Angeles

Don Haderlein Productions (DHP) produces-directs and markets music videos. Video marketing is essential to get your video seen and to drive traffic to your website or cd sales page sales. If you are an independent musician looking to get your video produced and seen - contact DHP for an online quote today.

  • Music Video Producing
  • Music Video Directing
  • Music Video Editing
  • Music Video Marketing
  • Music Video Distribution
  • Live Concert Video Production Company

Music video productions shot live, on location, B- Roll, scripting, multi-camera studio shoots available as well.

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Produced, directed and edited by Don Haderlein.

"Imagine" by singer-songwriter Bernadette Haderlein

Live performances, concert footage -  Preditor Don Haderlein

Music Video Production for social media sites:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • My Space

DHP is a music video production company located in Los Angeles, CA.

"Good Times Bad Times" Led Zep Live

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music Video Services

Music Video Services

DHP produces music videos for all styles of music. Looking for music videos that capture your song - then check out DHP.

Music video directed by Don Haderlein

DHP Music Videos:

  • Live concert performances
  • Live performance studio shoots
  • Location shoots
  • Behind the artist/song documentaries
  • Photos and B-Roll Montages
  • Titles and Graphics
  • YouTube Videos

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Serpent Undeground, "God on the Mic"

Troy live